Nicole Stanton, Partner

Workplace Productivity and Flexibility

Quarles is proud of its family-friendly work policies, diversity support programs, and women’s initiatives. As an organization that thrives on the wide array of perspectives and ideas that come from its cultural and ethnic melting pot of attorneys and staff, Quarles constantly seeks new means to accommodate the best minds and talent, including creating flexible work policies rather than insisting that people structure their lives around the traditional work week. (When was an attorney’s work week “traditional” anyway?)

As an associate, Nicole worked with several Quarles partners to draft and implement enhancements to the flex-time work policy for Quarles & Brady. The enhancement allowed attorneys take leaves of absences for events such as the birth of a baby or care for a sick relative, to return to work on a part-time basis and gradually work their way back to full-time schedule as opposed to returning from leave at 100% time. The enhancement also included the creation of a dedicated room at the office for nursing mothers and a liaison for new mothers returning to work.

These changes have made Quarles a more family-friendly employer, but more importantly, it has allowed the firm to retain great talent that might have gone to a competitor or not returned to work at all.