Noleta L. Jansen, Partner

Publications and Presentations

Noleta L. JansenNoleta L. Jansen
"Attorney-Client Privilege: The Fiduciary Exception"State Bar of Wisconsin, 36th Annual Estate Planning UpdateBy Noleta L. Jansen
Article “Estate Planning for S Corporations: Knowing Where to Put Your Feet When Crossing the Stream” Co-Author
Presentation “Estate Planning for QSSTs and ESBTs” Marquette University Law School Estate and Gift CLE
Presentation "Valuation Discounts through the Eyes of the IRS and, More Importantly, the Federal Courts" Milwaukee Estate Planning Forum Co-Presenter
Article "Estate Administration" Wisconsin Practice Series: Methods of Practice, Chapter 22, 5th Edition, Thomson/West Contributing Author
Presentation "Guardianship for Developmentally Disabled Young Adults: Basics and Resources”
Presentation "Practical Approaches to Estate Planning"
Article “Death in Wisconsin: A Legal Practitioner’s Guide to Postmortem Administration” Wisconsin Practice Series, Volumes 15 and 16, 9th Edition, Thomson/West Contributing Author