Patent Prosecution


Quarles & Brady has a long history of protecting inventions in the chemical and material sciences. Because the chemical sciences are diverse and the principles are applicable across a broad range of technologies and industries, we have established broad experience across the full spectrum of material, industrial, consumer, analytical, nanotechnology, cleantech & renewables, pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology applications.

Our chemical sciences team draws on deep technical experience. Many of our attorneys, patent agents and technical specialists have advanced degrees and/or industry experience in areas such as organic, physical, analytical, and theoretical chemistry; polymer and material science; optical sciences; and biochemistry and molecular biology.

Robust Technical and Legal Capability

We combine our technical strengths with extensive legal experience to represent a diverse array of clients. We have experience working with universities and research institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and mid-sized and start-up companies to craft patent strategies to achieve the client's goals and objectives. We routinely collaborate with patent attorneys in numerous countries outside the United States to secure global patent protection.

Representative Experience

Quarles & Brady has obtained many issued chemical patents for our clients. Examples of our team's experience includes the following technology areas:

  • Material science and engineering, including metal organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent organic frameworks (COFs), organic light emitting diodes, semiconductors, and solid-state materials
  • Industrial chemicals and processing, including catalysts, polymers, plastics, polyethylenes, polypropylenes, elastomers, synthetic rubbers, polyurethanes elastomers, polyolefins, adhesives, and acrylic binders
  • Consumer products, including aerosol formulations, dyes, cosmetic formulations, food products, inks, footwear, and health and hygiene products
  • Analytical technologies, including spectroscopies, diagnostic devices, microfluidics, imaging, imaging agents and dyes, and optics
  • Nanotechnologies, including supramolecular systems, graphene, quantum materials, qubits, photodetectors, and nanostructured or nanopatterned materials
  • Cleantech and renewables, including biofuels, water purification, battery materials, photonic materials, hydrogen generation and storage, fuel cells, and anerobic digesters
  • Agrochemicals, including herbicides, safeners, and biostimulants
  • Pharmaceuticals, including active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug and vaccine formulations, and drug delivery materials
  • Medical materials, including bioactive materials, biocompatible materials, and bioresorbable materials
  • Biotechnologies, including biopolymers and biomimetic materials
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