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Patent guidance designed for successful tech-to-market

Tolga Gulmen is a registered patent attorney who advises clients on domestic and international patent prosecution, licensing and strategic intellectual property (IP) portfolio development. His experience includes drafting, prosecuting, managing and licensing patent portfolios, with an emphasis on chemistry, materials, nanotechnology and biotechnology, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals, including active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug formulations and drug delivery materials
  • Nanotechnologies, including supramolecular systems, liposomes and synthetic vesicles, quantum materials, and nanostructured and nanopatterned materials
  • Cleantech and renewables, including biofuels, water purification, battery materials, photonic materials, and hydrogen generation and storage
  • Material science and engineering, including catalysts, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and solid-state materials
  • Analytical technologies, including spectroscopies, diagnostic devices, and imaging agents and dyes

Tolga has worked in-house at a biofuel and chemical startup and university technology transfer office, giving him keen insight into the tech-to-market space. He also has been a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he supervised students providing legal services to entrepreneurs launching new ventures.

Before beginning his law career, Tolga had years of graduate and postdoctoral research experience developing theoretical and computational methods to predict and understand complex systems and rationally design materials.

Experience in Action

  • Handles patent work related to new chemical entities, drug delivery materials, therapeutic nanoparticles, renewable fuels and chemicals, catalysts, electronic materials, optical materials, bioactive materials, and medical devices and assays.

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