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Courtroom/Jury Experience

Our experience inside courtrooms around the country is a major component of our overall strategy. Not only do our peers and opposing counsel recognize us as excellent, experienced, and passionate trial lawyers, but our familiarity with the inner workings of these courts enables us to mount defenses that take the unique qualities of each court into account. Our strong relationships with court staff, our ability to present a compelling case, and our understanding of how to move a case through the system can often make the difference between a favorable or an unfavorable result.

Jury Knowledge
When a case comes to trial, everything boils down to convincing the jury that your client should prevail. At that point, nothing else matters. Our trial lawyers have made—and continue to make—a careful study of juries’ and individual jurors’ behavior and decision-making processes. Where allowed, we administer post facto questionnaires and conduct juror interviews to get a better understanding of what worked—and what didn’t. We continually apply and reanalyze these insights as we select jurors and craft our arguments for upcoming cases. We have also organized and participated in a wide variety of jury research projects tailored to the needs and economies of particular cases. These have included mock trials, focus group research, internet jury research, and forum surveys.

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