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“New year, new laws: Many issues for employers to consider in 2015”

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Brian A. Hartstein

Following is an excerpt:

When the party hats and noisemakers rest quietly on the floor and the Champagne hangover is just wearing off from a New Year’s Eve celebration, employers in Illinois need to be prepared for several new headaches — adjusting to a number of Illinois laws that go into effect Jan. 1 and related issues that will emerge in 2015.

Gov. Patrick J. Quinn and the legislature leave behind a great deal of legislation that will begin to affect employers starting the first day of the new year, and employers need to be prepared to evolve to those changes.

These include new challenges related to pregnancy accommodation, restrictions on the questions that can be asked of job applicants, potential changes to the minimum wage and adjusting to a workforce that includes registered medical marijuana users.

Originally published in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 10, 2014