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Plant a Seed, Grow a Future

Bob Isacson

Bob Isacson is the Milwaukee Office Administrator and the Energy and Environmental, Health Law, Public Finance and Trusts and Estates Practice Group Administrator.

Plant a Seed, Grow a Future was the theme for this year’s Bring Your Child to Work Day.  Having been involved with the national program since the mid-90’s I have a fond appreciation for the goals and outcomes that Quarles & Brady and other organizations have been able to accomplish through this one day program. Certainly, different organizations have varying levels of commitment to programming, but at the end of the day (literally) in most cases, employee children leave their day at "work" with an appreciation for what mom or dad do during the week while they are in school.

For those of you who don’t know, the Milwaukee Office version of Bring Your Child to Work Day represents the highest level of commitment with a schedule that includes:

• Welcome Photos with their Parents
• Continental Breakfast
• Office Managing Partner Welcome
• Legal Career Presentation by Attorneys
• Admin Department Presentations
• Office Space Tours
• A Craft Session (this year, the kids painted ceramic flower pots that they can give as Mother’s Day Gifts)
• Lunch with Their Parents
• Mock Trial (this year, the 35 child jury found that based on the evidence and particularly on the testimony of “The Prince”, Cinderella’s Step Mother was guilty of wage and hour violations). Ok, in the spirit of full-disclosure I was “The Prince”.
• Afternoon snack session.
• An Activity Session (this year the Creative Director from First Stage led an interactive workshop)
• An Awards Program complete with prizes for themed essay submissions (which had been prepared in advance and submitted upon arrival) for two different age groups and Bring Your Child to Work Day certificates for each attendee.

As I am sure you can appreciate, there are a lot of moving parts for this annual program and all told we have about a dozen employee and teens that help us keep this program on track and interesting for our young guests. As an Office Administrator, I am very proud to have a team that puts on such a quality program for our employees and their families.

From a parent perspective, whose own daughter attended the Quarles & Brady program two years in a row (a few years back), I am equally proud to be associated with an organization that places such high value on employee relations events such as Bring Your Child to Work Day.  This is true for me not only because I think the kids have a great time, but also because I believe a program such as this establishes a relatable foundation for children as they grow, learn and develop their own career preferences…presentations from attorneys and staff on the importance of doing well in school resonates with every parent, right? 

Ok, so back to the theme…in terms of planting seeds and growing futures, I think this year's mantra is telling and  true for BYCTD programs that have passed and those that will come. Case in point, I could tell by my daughter's questions how interested she was in the activities that we had planned for last week's attendees by the nature of the questions and also her references to the events that she participated in when she joined dad at work for a day. And for me, I will always look back fondly on the organization that gave me an opportunity to connect with my daughter on another level.

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