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Culture Change, Essential and Terrifying

Quarles & Brady has no interest in quick fixes or short-term gains; the firm is piloting a business that’s built to last. Quarles has been around since 1892 and intends to be going strong in 2092 and beyond. That, of course, necessitates constant change management and a culture that accommodates it. In terms of the legal industry, cultural change means embracing a “one firm, long hallway” culture—treating clients as firm clients, not partner clients, in order to serve all client needs. It also means operating in a fully competitive industry environment, where you’re only as valuable as your latest performance, where impeccable legal representation is only the prerequisite, where efficiency is just as important as productivity, and where knowing your client and providing business-aware counsel are at least as important as knowing your area of law.

As with all endeavors involving human beings, change requires hard discussions, strong interpersonal relationship skills, frequent dialog, a tenacious commitment to align internal and external values, and a sincere willingness to give up comforts and familiarities of your own as well. Quarles & Brady recognizes that the evolution is not complete, but the progress is profound, and the momentum is unstoppable.

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