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Defense Judgment and Attorneys’ Fees Award in Multi-party, Multimillion Dollar Franchisee Claim

More than a dozen franchisees sought tens of millions from our clients, asserting contract and statutory claims as well as fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation. Our clients, a restaurant franchisor and some of its affiliates and owners, needed aggressive action and counsel that could handle this extremely complex matter, involving multiple phases and parties along with a variety of claims.

Scott oversaw all aspects of the pretrial litigation, handled several witnesses during the contentious trial, and argued a successful motion for judgment as a matter of law following plaintiffs’ presentation of their case. In a rare move, franchisee plaintiffs called a number of our clients’ former employees as witnesses on their behalf. The trial team saw past this obstacle, formulating a strategy to cast doubt on the witnesses’ testimony, ultimately positioning their statements to our clients’ benefit.

Not only did the court grant our motion and enter judgment in favor of our clients on all claims, we also ultimately obtained an award of attorneys’ fees for the franchisor after the court’s order was affirmed on appeal.