Tambryn K. VanHeyningen, Ph.D., Partner

Publications and Presentations

Mark T. EhrmannMark T. Ehrmann
"Lasting Impacts of COVID Shutdowns on Tech Transfer"University Research and Technology Transfer Webinar SeriesMark T. Ehrmann, M. Scott McBride, Jonathan Stone, Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Presentation "Intellectual Property Strategies for Small Companies," Arkansas Life Science Summit 2016, Little Rock, AR, invited speaker Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Presentation "Inventions from Nuts to “Supes”: University Technology Transfer After the America Invents Act: Supreme Court and Congressional Meddling," National Association of College and University Attorneys, Denver, CO, invited speaker, June 22-24, 2014 Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Presentation "America Invents Act: A First Look At First-to-File for Inventors," American Society for Horticultural Science, Annual Meeting 2012, Miami, FL, invited speaker Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Presentation "Pitfalls in Protecting the Seed of Invention in Plant Patents," American Society for Horticultural Science, Annual Meeting 2010, Palm Desert, CA, invited speaker Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Article "District Court Finds Isolated DNA Claims to be Unpatentable as Non-Statutory Subject Matter," MBF Client Alert B. Bean, Tambryn K. VanHeyningen and J. Fahrlander
Article "Is the Federal Circuit Playing with Fire? Prometheus Provides Insight on Adapting Diagnostics Claims to Satisfy the Bilski Test," IP Strategist 16(2): 1 Tambryn K. VanHeyningen
Article "In re Kubin: Federal Circuit finds claims to an isolated nucleic acid Obvious," MBF Client Alert Tambryn K. VanHeyningen and J. Fahrlander
Article "Construction and characterization of bacterial artificial chromosomes containing HSV-1 strains 17 and KOS," J Virol Methods (2006) 135: 197-206 Gierasch, W.W., Zimmerman, D.L., Ward, S.L., VanHeyningen, T.K., Romine, J.D., Leib, D.A.,
Article "The virion host shutoff protein of herpes simplex virus type 1 has RNA degradation activity in primary neurons," J Virol (2004) 78: 8400-8403 Strand, S.S., VanHeyningen, T.K., Leib, D.A.,
Article "IL-6 produced by macrophages infected with Mycobacterium species suppresses T cell responses," J Immunol (1997) 158: 330-337 VanHeyningen, T.K., Collins, H.L., Russell, D.G.,
Article "Adherence and fibronectin binding are environmentally regulated in the group A streptococci," Mol Microbiol (1993) 9: 1213-1222 VanHeyningen, T., Fogg, G., Yates, D., Hanski, E., Caparon
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