Thomas J. Keating, Ph.D., Senior Counsel

Patents and Applications Experience

  • WO 2013/112700 – “Systems and Methods for Obtaining Low-Angle Circumferential Optical Access to the Eye”
  • WO 2014/172035 – “Coherent Fluorescence Super-Resolution Microscopy”
  • US Patent 8,465,967 "Nanoparticle Electrostatic Trap"
  • US Patent 9,142,042 – “Methods and Systems to Produce Continuous Trajectories from Discrete Anatomical Shapes”
  • US 2015/0099965 – “System for High Resolution Fast Acquisition Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Catheter-Mounted Coil”
  • US 2016/0022447 – “Stent with Embedded Pressure Sensors”
  • US Patent 8,781,592 – “Identifying an area for electrical stimulation to treat a patient”

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