Trade Secrets

How you do something can often be more critical than what you do, particularly in the highly competitive modern business environment. In virtually every industry, that inside knowledge wields incredible power and can be the difference between the achievement of all your business goals and the dissolution of your company. At Quarles & Brady, we know just how vital your trade secrets are to your success; we invest in our clients from day one, protecting their valuable intellectual property as if it were our own.

Quarles & Brady litigation attorneys regularly represent clients in disputes involving alleged misappropriation of confidential information and have extensive experience advising and defending businesses in trade secret claims. Our knowledge of trade secret law enables us to give clients the information and tools they need to protect and safeguard their indispensable intellectual property assets.

Our experience includes protecting both technical (including source code, design drawings, manufacturing processes, and chemical compositions) and non-technical (including customer lists, business plans, and financial information) trade secrets.

When a business’s assets are compromised, we work with our clients to evaluate the situation and, if necessary, initiate litigation. Our familiarity with industry-specific issues, state and federal rules, and the unique needs of businesses on both sides of the table enables us to help clients quickly determine and initiate effective, appropriate responses to emerging situations, including seeking temporary injunctive relief, as well as permanent injunctive relief and money damages.

We understand the central role of a business’s intangible assets. We also understand how such assets can be targets for trade secret claims. We have significant experience advising clients on how to protect these assets through both preventive measures and litigation.

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