Peter determines eligibility and prepares applications for waivers for persons not eligible to be admitted into the United States or to adjust his or her status. Indeed, a person not eligible to be admitted into the United States or to adjust her status may obtain lawful admission by filing an application for waiver of the grounds of inadmissibility.

Both immigrants (intending permanent residents) and nonimmigrants (temporary visitors) can apply for waivers of most grounds of inadmissibility, although the chances of success will vary based on the ground of inadmissibility and what is called the “equities” of the case.

Peter helps individuals who are deemed ineligible to enter the United States for the following “grounds of inadmissibility”:

  • Failure to possess required documentation such as green cards, U.S. passports or visas;
  • Certain criminal grounds such as crimes involving “moral turpitude,” controlled substances, prostitution and other serious offenses;
  • Unlawful presence in the US;
  • Certain grounds of inadmissibility if filed by a Temporarily Protected Status applicant;
  • Inadmissibility based on prior removal or unlawful presence after prior immigration violations (HRIFA and NACARA applicants);
  • Immigration fraud or misrepresentation;
  • Unlawful presence after a prior immigration violation (VAWA self-petitioner); and
  • Likelihood to become a public charge – in jail, on welfare.
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