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Brad Vynalek Gives Insight on Battle for Legal Talent in AZ Big Media Article

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Quarles & Brady president Brad Vynalek shared his insight on the growing competition for talent in the legal profession in an AZ Big Media article. The current labor demand can be seen in almost every industry but is especially high in the Arizona legal industry, where many firms are working especially hard to recruit and retain talent.

An excerpt:

Vynalek was also a summer associate for the firm he’s been a part of for more than two decades — something he says is not uncommon around the office. Each year, projections are made on how many new associates the organization will need in the future and select students accordingly. This past summer, Quarles & Brady had eight summer associates who all accepted job offers at the program’s conclusion, but he says the goal is to create great law practitioners whether they stay or not.

“We’re in the people business and just happen to operate within the dimension of law,” Vynalek says. “That means putting together bespoke teams to work on important matters for premium clients, which requires people who work well together, understand nuance and can drive a business resolution to a legal issue.”

Vynalek adds that there are two important factors to consider concerning culture. “One is that you can’t outsource culture. A consultant can give insights, but they can’t fix it for you,” he concludes. “And the second is that culture is a full-time job. You have to respond and be immediately available to the ever-shifting dynamics of the world today.”


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