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Susan Brichler Trujillo and Eric Johnson Write InBusiness Phoenix Article About How COVID Continues to Affect Businesses


The topic of COVID and its effects continues for both employers and businesses even as we see fewer restrictions and urgency as time goes on. In an InBusiness Phoenix article, Phoenix Health & Life Sciences partner Susan Brichler Trujillo speaks to health care and COVID safety, with guidance for employers and regulatory response, while Phoenix Labor & Employment partner Eric Johnson discusses the legal ramifications and regulatory considerations related to remote and hybrid work — including Arizona-specific insights.


Trujillo: “Considering the infectious nature of the current variants and the speed at which the virus is evolving to evade vaccines and natural immunity from prior infections, businesses should not let their guard down in terms of COVID preparedness. Businesses should have adaptable plans ready for resurgences that incorporate rapid operational changes that may be needed to protect employees and customers. Healthcare providers should also be cognizant of risks to their licensure or accreditation, as closures may expose regulated clients to complaints from state and federal regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies.”

Johnson: “Employers who choose to hire employees in multiple states must take into account not only state-specific wage and hour laws but also potentially unique laws related to things such as hiring and termination, discrimination, employee training, drug and alcohol testing, background checks, and unemployment compensation. Certain states, such as Arizona, prevent employers from exacting any type of fee or gratuity from an employee as a condition of employment. As such, employees may be entitled to reimbursement for certain expenses related to employees working from home.”

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