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Presentation "Avoiding Medical Documentation Pitfalls (30 Seconds or 3 Years?)" St. Vincent Hospital, Department of Pediatrics (Indianapolis, Indiana) Edward L. Holloran, III
Presentation News Flash: Fakes Are For Real! Developing and Implementing a Global Anti-counterfeiting Strategy Association of Corporate Counsel 2019 Annual Conference and Meeting of Members Lori Meddings and Li Zhu
Presentation "The Civil Litigation Process, Handling Testimony & Hotel Legal Issues Facing NBA Trainers" National Basketball Association League Meeting/Combine - NBA Trainers' Breakout (Chicago, Illinois) Edward L. Holloran, III
"Have Your Cake and Deduct It Too: Meal Deductability Under New Section 274" Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer Magazine Matthew E. Livesay
Presentation "What Local Planning and Development Directors Want You to Know" Indianapolis Bar Association Host and Moderator, Courtney S. Lynch
Presentation "Embracing the Urgency: TROs & Preliminary Injunctions" Spring Judicial College, Indiana Convention Center Presenters – Hon. Heather Welch, Indiana Commercial Judge, Marion Superior Court & Lucy R. Dollens
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