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Are You a Giver – How Do You Define?

Brittany Mallas

Brittany Mallas is the Administrative & Office Events Coordinator in the Milwaukee office.

It feels like 2016 went by in a blink of an eye and POOF, it’s the holiday season already. A lot has transpired in the past 365 days, not only in our long hallway, but in the country itself.  With the issues that may be grasping your attention outside of work, it is nice to focus on the good that has been happening. Through our workplace we can continue to strive, as human beings, to make our home, wherever it may be, a better place. Every office has new and continued initiatives, including but not limited to: Autism Speaks, fighting to end hunger and Anti Bullying. Because of this dedication, Quarles has provided us with ample opportunities to go out in the community to volunteer, donate and make a difference. So I ask, how do you define your "giving" self?

How you chose to give works parallel with your own cognitive diversity, something that is a tenacious issue these days. The "younger" generation believes they must open up their mindsets, not just their wallets, to make our (your) home a better place. Believe it or not, simply meeting and listening to different types of people and visiting places out of one's comfort zone is truly one way of giving because it spirals new ideas and changes thoughts. Donating clothing, building something to benefit another, teaching someone a small task or feeding someone in your spare time are a few more examples. So what is there to say for people who simply like cutting a check? Nothing, because giving is defined by everyone in a different way. There is no "how to" for giving.

So next time you willingly give someone lost directions, wear jeans to work, donate a jar of peanut butter, visit your local food shelter to serve, or drop off clothes at Goodwill, I want you to think, "I am a giver, this is how I define giving." We need givers in this world, because, in the end, only kindness matters, right?

Happy Holidays!

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