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Pro bono is an integral part of Quarles & Brady's culture. The firm’s commitment to outreach speaks to the values held in high regard by our firm and our attorneys. Quarles & Brady attorneys dedicated over 21,000 hours of pro bono time to individuals and organizations in need.

We recognize that there is a gap—a substantial one, in fact—between those who need legal representation and those who can access it. Too many people are forced to go it alone when facing a crisis such as eviction, deportation, custody, and domestic violence. By donating their time, skills, and resources, Quarles & Brady attorneys help reduce this gap and provide much needed support to families in need.

We work with dozens of organizations on both a local and national level, including the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program which assists veterans in accessing disability benefits. We trained more than 70 people—both internal to the firm as well as attorneys from client and other organizations.

For More Information
For further detail regarding the depth and breadth of our various pro bono initiatives, please contact:

Dawn R. Caldart
Director, Pro Bono & Professional Development
Milwaukee office
(414) 277-5553 / [email protected].

SPOTLIGHT: The Milwaukee Eviction Project launched December 2016

Legal Action of Wisconsin’s Eviction Defense Project (EDP) is court-based and provides free legal aid for low-income tenants in Milwaukee County facing eviction. Quarles & Brady is proud to be in on the ground floor of this initiative, and to have assisted in its creation. With the aid of Quarles & Brady and other volunteer attorneys, the EDP is helping to keep families in their homes and to stabilize neighborhoods. Volunteer attorneys may find a defense to an unlawful eviction, help negotiate a payment plan to keep a tenant in their home or secure a more practical move-out date, and even seal records, making it easier for tenants to find stable housing in the future.

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