Quarles Cares

Quarles has a long-standing tradition of dedicated service to the communities in which we live and work. For many years, we have brough this commitment to life through Quarles Cares, the signature community outreach program of our corporate social responsibility effort.

Our efforts are both national and highly localized to address the unique needs of each office and its surrounding areas. For the last several years, Quarles has applied a special focus to education and hunger.

  • Addressing education, many of our offices have cultivated relationships with local elementary schools, hosting anti-bullying programs, reading with children, donating blankets, spending time in the classroom, and securing/readying mountains of school supplies to ensure that every child feels special.
  • Addressing hunger, we’ve raised funds for food agencies through jeans days, lunches, and cook-offs. We’ve collected food for schools. We’ve served meals to children, the homeless, and families. Our team has also donated, packed, unpacked, sorted, and stocked food for pantries.

On a firmwide basis, we also have supported anti-bullying, Go-Red heart disease awareness and Autism Speaks programming. Local offices have supported the United Way, Salvation Army, United Performing Arts Fund, American Red Cross and others.

For further detail regarding our Quarles Cares program, please contact Darlene Austin, our director of diversity, employee relations and corporate social responsibility, at (414) 277-5228 / darlene.austin@quarles.com. To view photos of our community initiatives, visit our Facebook page.

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