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Supply Chain Survival Article Series

Quarles is pleased to present a multi-part series of practical, digestible articles on contracting for the purchase and sale of goods. These articles are written for in-house counsel, business executives, purchasing and sales managers, and anyone in a position to bind your company to a contract—which may be more people than you think. While we try to avoid getting bogged down in legalese, our hope is that this series can serve as a reference guide for in-house counsel and other stakeholders on contract matters throughout your organization. The intent is not to cover every part, subpart or exception, but rather to cover many common issues and situations that arise when entering into—and challenging—contracts for the purchase and sale of goods.

Article 1: Introduction

Article 2: Is There a Contract?

Article 3: What Contract Terms Apply?

Article 4: Battle of The Forms

Article 5: Key Statutory Default Terms

Article 6: Additional Statutory Default Terms

Article 7: Contract Modification

Article 8: Anticipatory Repudiation and Demand for Adequate Assurances

Article 9: Force Majeure

Article 10: Impracticability, Impossibility and Frustration of Purpose

Article 11: Acceptance, Rejection, Revocation of Acceptance, and Right to Cure

Article 12: What is Breach of Contract

Article 13: Mitigation

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